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Zengo - Do you have an empty wall in your exhibition?

Do you have an empty wall in your exhibition?

Fill it with adventure!

What would your visitors be more interested in?

Zengo - Laser sensor technology
Laser sensor technology

Turn an entire wall into a touch-sensitive surface!

Zengo - Complete LED television and AI sensor unit
Complete LED television and AI sensor unit

Give reality a new frame with a supersized virtual mirror!

Zengo - Interactive wall

Interactive wall

Imagine a wall that reacts to touch!


Enhances the visitor experience with an additional layer of interaction.


Size doesn’t matter: we can utilize any space as for the content, the sky's the limit: let your imagination roam free!

Promotes activity

Allows multiple players simultaneously, and encourages physical activity and collaboration.


Utilizing exciting new technology and realistic visuals, keeps up and promotes curiosity.

What’s most important to us

What’s the process?

Zengo - Drawing, coloring.
Drawing, coloring.
Zengo - Scanning
Zengo - Interactions, information on the wall.
Interactions, information on the wall.
Zengo - Printing the drawing.
Printing the drawing.
Zengo - Virtual mirror

Virtual mirror

Imagine a complete device which is


Can adapt to any kind of content, evolving with the exhibition or installation.


Let your visitors open the door to a new adventure and step into unusual roles of the past, present and even the future.


Because the latest tech always catches the eye, stay on top of your game and opt for a leasing plan.


No installation is ever the same, we always take time to customize it to what your exhibition needs.

Look into our process! How do we create a virtual mirror installation or an interactive wall?

Zengo - Additional attractions

Additional attractions

Zengo - Mobile application

Mobile application

Guide your visitors through your exhibit, and leave a lasting impression.
Zengo - Touch kiosk

Touch kiosk

Merge the new with the old, provide interactive content in a traditional format.
Zengo - AR, VR


Do you want a lifelike flying or walking experience but have limited space? Step into the virtual world!
Zengo - Film, animation

Film, animation

Our video team is characterized by 15-20 years of experience and maximum customer satisfaction.

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