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We made a Christmas-themed day to night timelapse video for @bmwi’s Instagram, timed for the holiday. The hardest part was creating the right conditions, because we promised to film a BMW i8 car amidst decorated Christmas trees in a snowy winter landscape – in October.



The whole logistics in Germany was managed from Hungary remotely. The job was not easy. We had to realize a day to night timelapse, in one shot, with a moving camera, having several artificial light sources in addition to the natural light. We already made test shootings for one whole day back in Szeged. The camera was in action for a total of 4 hours on site, while the project eventually reached 110 worked hours, from which planning took around 60. The joint sequences added up to 30 secs, which was then sped up to 7. The reception of the Instagram post was huge, which is best shown by the number of views surpassing that of the official BMW promos on the platform.

If you would like to read the original post, please visit: instagram.com/p/B6fVWMfAQ_0/


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