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Needless: Stalkers of Anthanas Music Video

Music Videos

We love to try ourselves in a variety of music styles. From hard metal to melodic electronic music, in every genre we find the exciting professional challenge and process during which not only us but the performer can feel involved in something great right now.

Zengo - Needless: Stalkers of Anthanas Music Video



Making a clip is a very exciting and creative task, the visual addition of music gives free space to the filmmakers. Our experienced staff can be found in a variety of locations and situations, whether it’s a studio shot on a green background, where almost everything depends on your imagination, or balancing on the pointed slope of beech, where we do whatever it takes to get home with the best possible images. The use of multiple cameras at once, a drone and various camera movement tools all add to the needs of the presenter. Be it a simple image or telling a complete story... We're ready!

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